§1. Terms

  1. Hotel - a hotel facility with the nature of worker's hotel. The name of the hotel is also used to define the owners, all hotel employees, as well as the person/persons or the group responsible for security.

  2. Booker - a person making the booking.

  3. Lessor - a hotel representative. The reception desk is not an external representative of the hotel.

  4. Resident - any person staying at the hotel who is not a staff member.

  5. Long-term stay - a single stay lasting more than one month.

  6. Kitchenette - allows you to reheat or prepare basic meals individually. The kitchenette is not a kitchen for professional preparation of meals, especially for mass catering.

  7. Schedule - specifies the dates of room cleaning and bed linen changing

  8. Monitoring - the facility is equipped with monitoring around the building and the main communication routes inside the building.

  9. A fine - specified in the price list

  10. Other costs - specified in the price list



§2. General information


  1. The hotel does not provide services of daily rental of beds or rooms to private persons.

  2. A staff hotel is a hotel facility intended for people staying in this area in connection with their work.

  3. Renting accommodation or rooms is possible only by companies employing these employees or self-employed persons.

  4. Beds and rooms are rented for a minimum of a week. For long-term stays, it is possible to set individual conditions of accommodation - it is necessary to sign an agreement.
    Partial stays do not add up.

  5. Rooms can be booked in person at the following telephone numbers: 502 124 724 or by e-mail szczytnica@bed4rent.pl. The reception does not provide booking services.

Booking will be valid if the hotel confirms it by e-mail, in writing or SMS. Booking requires an advance payment.

The amount of the advance payment is specified in the attached PRICE LIST.

  1. Check-in from 4 p.m.

  2. Check-out by 10.00 a.m.

  3. Keys are given at the reception. Each resident receives one room key, proximity key ring and identification ring.

  4. After the stay, the key with the key rings should be returned to the reception.

  5. Extension of stay - if possible by the hotel. The preferred date for reporting the intention to extend the stay is one week.

  6. After the end of the stay, leaving the rooms outside the hotel hours (between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.) - after agreeing with the reception. Leaving the room after 4 p.m. is associated with the cleaning costs. Costs in the price list.

  7. The hotel is not responsible for the loss or damage of items brought into the hotel premises. In particular, for: money, valuables, documents or securities.

  8. The kitchenettes are equipped with microwaves, INDUCTION cookers and ovens. Cooking pots should be adapted to the induction hob.

  9. The rooms have been secured against the use of devices with higher power consumption, such as hairdryers, irons, heaters. The power sockets available in the rooms are used by residents for low power consumption, such as: charging batteries for mobile phones, laptops or other such devices.

  10. The use of hair dryers is possible in bathrooms and irons in the laundry room.


§3. Obligations of the hotel


  1. The hotel provides supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever possible, any conflict situations are resolved on an ongoing basis in a spirit of respect for residents and staff.

In order to ensure the safety of the hotel residents and staff in crisis situations, an intervention group of the security company and/or the police can be called to the hotel. In such a situation, the cost of arrival of the intervention group is covered by the company whose employee or employees are involved in the conflict situation. If the parties are employees of many companies, all (companies) will jointly and severally cover the resulting costs. For any damage during the intervention, regardless of the party that caused it (hotel residents or the intervening party), the costs are borne by the company as above. During the intervention, the hotel provides the intervention group or the police with access to all rooms, including rented rooms.

  1. In terms of hotel service, it is important to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. Any comments should be reported at the reception. The renting company bears the costs for acts of vandalism.

  2. Each resident receives from the hotel:

    1. Accommodation with bed linen (duvet, pillow) and pillowcases (pillowcase, duvet cover, sheet, mattress primer). Bunk beds.

    2. Key to the occupied room with a proximity and identification key rings.

  3. The hotel provides access to:

    1. Monitored, unguarded parking area - if there are free spaces,

    2. Garden - shared by all residents,

    3. Kitchenette - common for residents of each wing,

    4. Toilets - shared by residents of each wing,

    5. Refrigerator - included in every room,

    6. TV - included in every room and kitchenette,

    7. Iron and ironing board - available in the laundry room common to all residents,

    8. Basic cleaning means - common to the residents of each wing.

    9. Heating and access to hot and cold water.

    10. Electricity

  4. For a fee, according to the price list, the hotel provides:

    1. Access to a washing machine and electric dryer to dry laundry,

    2. Washing powder and rinsing liquid - available at the reception,

    3. Post-term linen change.

  5. All common places, such as: staircases, corridors, toilets and kitchens are cleaned twice a week.

  6. Rooms are cleaned once a week. 

  7. Bed linen is changed once every two weeks - a pillowcase, a duvet and a sheet. Changing bed linen according to the schedule.

  8. The hotel, as far as it has information (video monitoring and a register of entries and exits), can help in clarifying conflict situations. The cost of checking the monitoring specified in the price list.


§4. Obligations of the residents

  1. In order to obtain access to the accommodation, it is necessary to register at the reception. After allocating the accommodation, the room can be changes in consultation with the reception.

  2. Each of the residents is obliged to register his/her entrance to the facility by holding the identification key to the reader at the reception. The lack of an ID can result in the necessity to provide identification and, in special cases, refusal to enter the facility.

  3. Each of the residents is obliged to maintain cleanliness in the facility and the culture of social life.

  4. Curfew lasts from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.

  5. People returning to their rooms during the curfew are obliged to pay special attention and not to disturb other residents

  6. The room should be prepared for cleaning by removing all objects from the floor and other surfaces. The cleaning staff is not obliged to move or organize the residents' private belongings.

  7. After preparing a meal, every resident is obliged to clean up and hide his/her dishes.


§5. Prohibitions or fines

  1. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the premises of the entire facility and under penalty of a fine. This applies to ALL rooms and windows. A fine applies in each identified violation of the prohibition.

Smoking is possible outside in designated areas.

  1. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use dryers, irons, heaters, kettles, cookers, fan heaters and other such electric and gas appliances in the rooms.

  2. The company whose employees cause damage will be charged with the costs of their removal, and if it is necessary to exclude a given room from sale, also with the costs of its downtime.

  3. The above provision also applies to situations when the damage is caused by third parties introduced to the facility by its residents and when the damage occurs during the actions of the intervention group or the police.

  4. Persistent disturbance of the peace during the curfew will result in immediate expulsion from the hotel. In case of resistance, an intervention group can be called, the costs of which will be covered by the company renting the accommodation for a given person, and in the case of several companies, the costs will be shared.

  5. Organizing alcoholic libations and disturbing the peace of other residents outside the curfew are punishable by a fine. In the case of the curfew, the provisions from the point above apply.

  6. In the event of excessive dirt in any of the rooms, it can be necessary to carry out additional cleaning or disinfection. If the situation allows, representatives of companies renting accommodation will be called to come to the hotel. If the situation requires immediate action, photographic documentation will be prepared, and cleaning will be carried out.


§ 6. Consents

  1. When booking, a company or a person agrees to the processing and storage of their data and the data of employees for whom the rooms are rented. Data are processed and stored only in the scope of handling the stay at the hotel.